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Friend's Only!

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Saw you in LJSecret, you seemed cool. :]
Yeah, sure. :) I don't update often, though.
Hey, you =3.
I dont expect to be added but I came across you on LJSecret and just wanted to say I really like your avatar and your comment on Feb 7th was so so nice.
PS: Autumn is a very nice name.
Mutual Add?

Saw you on LJ secret and thought it would be worth a shot!
Yeah, sure. :) I don't update often, though.
I friended you, just because you even considered writing that fic I had a bunny for. lol.
Hey, Autumn...

Something - no, a few things - about you appeal(s) to me. I'd like to be friends with you. I'm the guy who started that 'nuffism site, and I'm sorry no one wanted to do a peace walk with you. There have been times in my life when I would have leaped for it, but I'm too far past my prime. She is/was a favorite of mine, too.

I don't do many entries, either, but I hope to get over whatever is hanging me up on it. Mostly it's a matter of time and too many things I want to work on at once. But as I read your bio I kept thinking, hey, I could have written that. So let's do it, huh?